October 5, 2016 dcam

The 2016 XC series RACE 4

Date  -  09.10.16

Venue  -  Selmun

Time  -  08.00hrs - 11.00hrs

The next XC race for the 2016 season will be with us this Sunday and we shall enjoy the scenery that Selmun has to offer.  Riders have already been spotted practicing the route to get used to the ever changing terrain.  The same location will be used as the venue for the Downhill National Championship race  which will be held on the 15.10.16

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TRACK WALK The trail starts off at the entrance to the barracks of Fort Campbell heading down the side in the direction towards Mistra Bay.  At the bottom of the descent the track heads left for a cliff-side ride over a rock downhill section all the way down towards the sea.  This section will challenge the riders skills over technical terrain at high speeds.  The next section takes the riders through trekking trails around the bottom of Selmun, often used by 4x4 enthusiasts.  The track finishes off with a climb towards the start/finish line over the clay hills with loose rock spread all over.  Rider stamina will definitely be tested here.  The number of laps will depend on the rider category.


Elite  -  5 Laps
Ladies  -  3 Laps
Sport  -  3 Laps