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MORZINE-PLENEY 201623.07.16
A slice of our adventure in the French alps. Great experience riding in the mud on a black trail, something we don't get to do here.

The Wardija downhill section makes a nice ending to your enduro ride and connects best with the Mgarr area. It has a decent gradient which allows for a continuous flow. An all round downhill with rock sections, small drops and loose corners.

MORZINE 201515.08.15
Nothing like what we have on our rock but great fun in a different territory. Manicured trails from top to bottom with endless table tops and berms. A great experience from start to finish

Great place to experience a few continuous jumps, finishing of with a 10 foot ladder drop. If you are planning on giving it a shot, be sure to take your protection as there may be some broken glass scattered around.




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