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Qualification - Time frame
Race - One Run




A time period of (75) minutes will be allowed for the official qualifications. In this time frame every rider can choose to do as many timed runs s/he wishes. Riders will be allowed to start their runs with a minimum interval of 15 seconds apart. Rider following another rider from starting gate is not permitted.  The best run from each rider during this time frame will be automatically chosen and awarded qualification points. The qualification time will also determine the starting grid for the race.


Riders going back up to the starting gate must not obstruct, in any way, other riders coming down, failing to observe this can lead to rider disqualification from the race. If the location would not permit another way up other than the course itself, all sessions will be done as one group. If this is the case the stipulated time frame for qualifications may change (at race director decision). During any timed runs the rider must follow the marked course from starting gate to the finish line, if for any reason the rider goes off course s/he must re-Enter from the same spot s/he exited.




After qualification, riders will be given their starting position with the fastest rider taking the last spot on the starting gate. During race run the rider must follow the marked course from starting gate to the finish line, if for any reason the rider goes off course s/he must renter from the same spot s/he exited. Restarting the race run is not permitted for any reason unless the race had been red-flagged. In this case race director will inform the rider/s involved.


Race winner will be determined with the fastest single timed run (Race run). Race Points will be awarded and added with qualification points to form the overall championship classification.



Downhill Points (Qualification round in brackets)2018
Position Points   Position Points
1 200 (50)   26 25
2 160 (40)   27 24
3 140 (30)   28 23
4 125 (25)   29 22
5 110 (22)   30 21
6 95 (20)   31 20
7 85 (18)   32 19
8 75 (17)   33 18
9 70 (16)   34 17
10 65 (15)   35 16
11 60 (14)   36 15
12 56 (13)   37 14
13 52 (12)   38 13
14 48 (11)   39 12
15 45 (10)   40 11
16 42 (9)   41 10
17 39 (8)   42 9
18 36 (7)   43 8
19 34 (6)   44 7
20 32 (5)   45 6
21 30   46 5
22 29   47 4
23 28   48 3
24 27   49 2
25 26   50 1





Any Lycra / Elastin based tight-fitting clothing is not permitted.


A full-face helmet and knee guards must be worn and properly secured both when racing and when training on the course. The helmet must be fitted with a visor. Open-face helmets may not be worn.


It is strongly recommended that riders wear the following protection:

Back, elbow, knee and shoulder protectors made of rigid materials,
Protection for the nape of the neck and the cervical vertebrae,
Padding on shins and thighs,
Broad full-length trousers made from rip-resistant material incorporating protection for the knees and calves, or broad-cut shorts made from rip-resistant material plus knee and calf protectors with a rigid surface,
Long sleeved shirt in winter – short sleeve shirt in summer,
Full finger gloves


Riders must pay attention to the quality and characteristics of the gear, seek advice of experienced riders, coaches or technicians, procure the gear from professional and reliable suppliers and rely on their own judgment. If in doubt, always seek advice.


The rider shall be responsible for the choice of the gear and for its use, and also for any installation of POV cameras in order to avoid any danger


May we remind you that DH racing is fun, but can also be dangerous, and that riders are racing at their own risk.


The MMBA reserves the right to stop a rider from participating in its event should it transpire that such rider is not wearing adequate gear.






1.1: All riders must sign a race disclaimer form that will be provided with the yearly membership form.

1.2: Third Part liability insurance is not compulsory but recommended. This shall need to be provided by the rider himself from any Insurance agency.

1.3: If a rider does not have a valid insurance policy, he/she will be held liable for any accidents he/she might be involved in. All costs including legal fees shall be borne by him/her.




2.1 A number plate will be issued to each rider and is to be attached to the riders' equipment. The number plate must me attached in a manner which makes it clearly visible at all times. The same number shall be used throughout the entire race series events.




3.1 All race equipment must be kept in good working order with both front and rear brakes functioning.

3.2 Riders are to use a CE approved full face helmet with a visor at all times.

3.3 Riders will be automatically disqualified if found to be using any electronic means of propulsion.

3.4 The MMBA may stop a rider from participating should it deem that such rider does not have adequate equipment/gear and will therefore be disqualified from the race.




4.1 Overall DH1 winners will be determined after 4 races.

4.2 Winners for DH2 and DH3 will be determined after 4 races (1 to discard) system. The discard system removes the competitor's worst result out of the 4 races.

In the case of points tie, the competitor will be favoured as follows:
1. Initially: Points from all 4 races (the discarded race will come in play) shall be considered and the winner is decided.
2. Alternatively: Should there still be a tie, the winner shall be decided on overall best finishes from all 4 races. (For example: the competitor who has the most 1sts and/or 2nds, etc.)
3. In any case where the overall winner is unable to avail himself of the overall prize, the prize will go to the next runner up and so forth.

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